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Pensate Start

Works with either the original Graphics ROM (system font) or the newer one found on late-model INTV consoles.

Pensate End

A Better Mousetrap

Mousetrap Gameplay

Visual improvements: colors closer to arcade port, larger cheeses, mixed-case text, and more.

Mousetrap Features

Features from the original arcade port: "Attract Mode" instructions, prize and end-of-level fanfares, player death sequence, and others.

Moustrap Alternate Box Front

Not the final box image.



Find all the diffusers.


Catch all the gumballs.

X-Ray & DILLIGAS Box Front

Thanks to Mobile Digital Imaging for assisting with the box image.


FUBAR Banner

Before & after: the mess left on the canvas makes FUBAR live up to its name.

Blix & Chocolate Mine

Blix Screenshot

Keep matching 3-in-a-row vertically.

Chocolate Mine Screenshot

Eat a path in the chocolate. Watch out for the Jawbreakers.

Blix & Chocolate Mine Box Front

Lots of goodies in the box, some even edible.

SameGame & Robots

SameGame & Robots 2012 Full Release

Materials from the 2012 reissue

SameGame & Robots 2005 Box Front

Original 2005 release

Portable Intellivision Development Environment (PIDE)

Intellivision Development Environment on Android Phone

Older environment on a 2016 phone. It's vastly improved since then.

Bump & Jump Level Editor

PIDE port

PIDE port

Here is a level editor for Bump & Jump.

Create your own pack of 32 levels, and try them out in jzIntv.

Windows port

Windows port

Intellivision Game Hacks

Tron Deadly Discs Color Fix

Tron "fights for the users" now, not the Sark warriors, thanks to the color correction.

Vectron Endgame

This endgame message is the "special little visual treat" the manual promised.


Number Cruncher I

Fill the reservoir without going over.

Number Cruncher II

Which values add up to the Target?

My original website was called the ECS BASIC Library, where I hosted my best attempts to make ECS BASIC relevant over the years.

For use with jzIntv and a certain Intellivision game ROM image. Instructions included with each program.

Bomb Run II

Clear all the terrain before you crash into it.

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