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Find all the diffusers.


Catch all the bubbles.

X-Ray & DILLIGAS Box Front

Thanks to Mobile Digital Imaging for assisting with the box image.


FUBAR Banner

Before & after: the mess left on the canvas makes FUBAR live up to its name.

Blix & Chocolate Mine

Blix Screenshot

Keep matching 3-in-a-row vertically.

Chocolate Mine Screenshot

Eat a path in the chocolate. Watch out for the Jawbreakers.

Blix & Chocolate Mine Box Front

Lots of goodies in the box, some even edible.

Hunt the Wumpus

Hunt the Wumpus Text Eaten by the Wumpus


Hunt the Wumpus Instructions Fell into a Pit

Watch out for slime pits.


RobotFindsKitten Screenshot

Which object is Kitten?

SameGame & Robots

SameGame & Robots 2012 Full Release

Materials from the 2012 reissue

SameGame & Robots 2005 Box Front

Original 2005 release

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