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Find all the diffusers.


Catch all the bubbles.

X-Ray & DILLIGAS Box Front

Thanks to Mobile Digital Imaging for assisting with the box image.


FUBAR Banner

Before & after: the mess left on the canvas makes FUBAR live up to its name.

Blix & Chocolate Mine

Blix Screenshot

Keep matching 3-in-a-row vertically.

Chocolate Mine Screenshot

Eat a path in the chocolate. Watch out for the Jawbreakers.

Blix & Chocolate Mine Box Front

Lots of goodies in the box, some even edible.

Hunt the Wumpus

Hunt the Wumpus Text Eaten by the Wumpus


A remake of the original text-based game from 1971. Search through caves, figure out where the Wumpus is at, and shoot it before it eats you. Watch out for bats and slime pits.

For 1 player. Instructions available within the game. Free to download and use with any Intellivision emulator.

11th place in the 2018 IntyBASIC Programming Contest.

Hunt the Wumpus Instructions Fell into a Pit

Watch out for slime pits.


RobotFindsKitten Screenshot

Which object is Kitten?

You are Robot. Your task is to find Kitten. This task is complicated by the existence of various things which are not Kitten. Robot must touch items to determine if they are Kitten or not.

This is the classic Zen simulation ported to a large number of platforms. Now it's available for your Intellivision! Race against other players to be the first to find Kitten.

For 1-4 players. Additional options gratuitously added for an additional challenge. Free to download and use with any Intellivision emulator.

SameGame & Robots

SameGame & Robots 2012 Full Release

Materials from the 2012 reissue

SameGame & Robots 2005 Box Front

Original 2005 release

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