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This page was last updated on September 13, 2022. Files are sorted first by date of last update/posting, and then alphabetically, so you can quickly see what's new.

How to use

Each download link is for a substitute .cfg file.

If your existing ROM image is a .rom file, then run rom2bin (bundled with jzintv) to generate a .bin and .cfg file.

If your existing ROM image has a .bin and .cfg file, then copy the .bin file, appending " (Hack)" to the filename to be consistent with the downloaded file.

Make sure the .bin and .cfg files have the same name.

You can open the .cfg file with any text editor and make changes if you wish. The patches are at the bottom of the file, starting in the section labeled "[macro]".

You can disable a cheat by "commenting it out" - adding a semicolon to the beginning of that line. Some cheats are disabled by default, so you can do the reverse by deleting the semicolon at the beginning.

In some cases, multiple lines are needed for a single cheat. Note the pipe symbol at the end of certain lines within the comments, indicating an extension from the line above.

I included comments here to let you know whether you can try tweaking values or to watch out for something.

All values are hexadecimal, so the value 10 is "a", for example, and 15 is "f". Keep that in mind.

For 2-player games, both players are usually affected unless indicated otherwise.

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