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Bump & Jump Level Editor

PIDE port

PIDE port

Windows port

Windows port

A level editor for the Intellivision port of Bump & Jump.

Create your own pack of 32 levels, and try them out in jzIntv.

I included this project on this page because it is written in Python. That is significant because I taught myself Python and GUI application development, demonstrating my self-teaching ability.

Little Man Computer

LMC Simulation Screen

Visual simulation with namesake "Little Man" who executes your programs

LMC Code Editor

Code Editor with built-in Assembler

A simulation of Little Man Computer.

Instruction manual included with full tutorial and glossary. Classical music sountrack to enhance learning enjoyment. Save your work for future re-use. Appropriate for comprehensive school-aged children and above. Free to download and use with jzIntv.

This project represents my approach at educational software, with previous game development experience.

LMC Tape Viewer

View previous output, and create input for future program execution

LMC File Menu

Various menus to set options, save/load projects, and more

Portable Intellivision Development Environment (PIDE)

Intellivision Development Environment on Android Phone

Older environment on a 2016 phone. It's vastly improved since then.

I created a way to write Intellivision games that requires only an Android phone and a keyboard. All the games I developed going forward were within this very environment. To give back to the development community, I maintain instructions on how to create this environment and even created a YouTube video tutorial.

The documentation on the linked page highlights my writing style and documentation ability. This is amplified by the supplemental YouTube video, where I demonstrate installing this environment onto a new device.

Modern versions resemble a full Linux desktop environment and run best with an Android tablet, keyboard, and mouse. A pair of Python GUI applications obviate writing BASH scripts manually, as in the beginning.

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